Casa Doina

Casa Doina restaurant is an authentic Romanian construction from the 19th century, fully renovated and restored.

Although, at the beginning, the project was destined to serve as a pavilion for the glamorous Paris Exhibition from 1890, it was soon clear that due to lack of money, it won’t be finished on time.

The architect Ion Mincu name it “Bufetul de la Sosea” (aka. “The Street Tavern”) in short time, the restaurant becoming the people’s favourite choice, people mainly represented by Bucharest’s richest landowners.

Mincu didn’t forget to bring a tribute to the Romanian vineyards, even today inscriptions like Berbeci, Panciu, Cotnari, Odobesti, Dragasani, being visible on the upper-side line of the building. From 2003 Bufetul becomes “Casa Doina restaurant”, a place that still treasures and preserves that long-ago Bucharest special vibe.

The chef has a great experience in the culinary field, being particularly fond of the traditional Romanian food, but the clients can also order from a vast list of international dishes and specific food like fresh Romanian or Mediterranean fish

4 Kiseleff Avenue
Contacts & Details
sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:00 am – 1:00 am

T: +4021 222 67 17; +4 0745 009 009:
W: Casa Doina

4 Kiseleff Avenue

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