Azerbaijan (Republic of) 2022, 23 Apr 2022 — 27 Nov 2022
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Azerbaijan (Republic of) 2022

Born to Love

Procuratie Vecchie, San Marco 153/a/139

Title: Born to Love
Commissioner: Mammad Ahmadzada, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Curator: Emin Mammadov
Exhibitors: Narmin Israfilova, Infinity, Ramina Saadatkhan, Fidan Novruzova, Fidan Akhundova, Sabiha Khankishiyeva, Agdes Baghirzade

For the 59th Venice Biennale, Azerbaijan presents a collective exhibition of 7 Azerbaijani contemporary female artists who reflect on the “Infinite Consciousness of the Universe”.  The exhibition is an exploration of the deepening of human consciousness. Human beings are constantly searching for themselves: this exhibition shows that life’s real values lie in this critical attitude.

In her installation “Born to Love“, Zhuk (Narmin Israfilova) investigates the water element as the basis of the birth of mankind, starting with the womb of the mother. Infinity presents “All is Sacred“, a project that immerses the visitor into the ocean with the aim to be one with the essence of nature and the world in which we live.

In her “Energy of Chaos“, Ramina Saadatkhan bring together various aesthetics and styles combines collage pop-art techniques with abstract expressionism elements.

Fidan Kim (Novruzova) in her “Totem” project reflects the evolution of mankind, the relationship of man with animals and the basic principle of life, which is and that is survival of the fittest. Man’s struggle with himself as well as with the environment. And that at the moment protecting the environment, animals in particular, is a top priority for all of us.

The sculpture figure “Saltation” by Fidan Akhundova reflects the different stages of the woman’s life. We don’t know what awaits the woman who takes that step, the leap into the unknown. The journey ahead is full of doubts and difficulties, but it is a more conscious and freer one.

Sabiha Khankishiyeva with her “Dragon” project reminds us that everything around us, from our environment to the smallest cells in our body, is made up of many repeating elements. In science, this is called fractal geometry. And therefore, we cannot deny the connection between our subconsciousness, consciousness and this world. Even the human eye loves to find this symmetry in which all harmony is manifested.

Agdes Baghirzade tries to bring us closer to divine perfection. “The other side of me” encapsulates vignettes from our everyday transitory experience.


Contacts & Details

Procuratie Vecchie

10:00am – 18:00pm

Procuratie Vecchie, San Marco 153/a/139
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