Bangladesh (People’s Republic of) 2019, 11 May 2019 — 24 Nov 2019
National Participations

Bangladesh (People’s Republic of) 2019


Palazzo Zenobio – Collegio Armeno Moorat-Raphael, Dorsoduro 2596, Fondamenta del Soccorso

Title: “Thirst”
Commissioner: Liaquad Ali Lacky
Curators: Mokhles Rahman and Viviana Vannucci
Expositors: Bishwajit Goswami, Nafis Ahmed Gazi, Preema Nazia Andaleeb, Ra Kajol, Uttam Kumar Karmaker, Domenico Pellegrino, Heidi Fosli, Franco Marrocco, Sandro Varagnolo

The exhibition expects to focus on one of the problems that most affects Bangladesh: the crisis of fresh water. Although this country is rich in water resources, it has to fight seasonal problem of drought; the withdrawal of water in the upstream of many rivers, on which India has erected dams; groundwater pollution and scarcity of drinking water in many areas. Although there are hundreds of rivers crisscrossing Bangladesh, with fifty four rivers sharing common flows with India, it continues to experience water supply problems because of drying up of water flow, salinity and blockages created by dams and sluice gates. The participating artists individually and collectively interpret the theme of ‘Thirst’ which goes beyond the merely physical to branch out into many territories—intellectual, artistic and so on. Each artist has different linguistic characteristics, they travel essentially the same path and take on the task of interpreting the phenomenal reality, in this case the emerging water crisis, purified of its associated negativities but without losing sight of the core concerns. The creative contribution of the artists who deal with this difficult subject recognizes, in symbolic or metaphorical terms, the life-saving and therapeutic properties of water in its proper and regular use.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Palazzo Zenobio – Collegio Armeno Moorat-Raphael, Dorsoduro 2596, Fondamenta del Soccorso
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