Belarus 2017, 13 May 2017 — 26 Nov 2017
National Participations

Belarus 2017

The Table

Seco Marina Space, Fondamenta San Giuseppe 925

The merging of personal experience, once heard or seen, together with monolithic civilization allusions in the form of urbane myths and the array of art in general, is transforming, in the perception of a personality, into a certain semblance of the Table that exists on its own in a timeless and spaceless world. Each and every event, an act, a picture of the table is inherently representing a hyperlink that refers to certain memories and associations and evokes an emotional response.

The concept of the project consists in the fact that, in substance, it makes no difference to a human perception by what means an emotion is triggered – be it a mytheme, an association, or an observed fact of reality. Within the world perception everything intertwines into an integral unit, “appears at one table”.

“The Table” project is intended to demonstrate the symbolism of the world reflected in consciousness, where the fundamental notions, such as love, hatred, fear, hunger, pleasure merge together with personal fantasy experiences into a fancy cocktail and are in a simultaneous, joint and separate existence within a certain subjective personality microcosm.

The central part of the project is the film lasting for 33 minutes produced in the 4K resolution and demonstrated in loops.

Closed on Mondays (except May 15th, August 14th, September 4th, October 30th, and November 20th 2017)

Contacts & Details
sun, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


Seco Marina Space, Fondamenta San Giuseppe 925
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