Brazil, 09 May 2015 — 22 Nov 2015
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Giardini, Giardini della Biennale

The selection of artists featured in the Pavilion of Brazil at the 56th International Art ExhibitionLa Biennale di Venezia is based on the main criteria of the relevance of their poetics in the contemporary arts scene and, at the same time, their place in the history, not just of art, but of Brazil’s conflicted society. Responsible for the conception of Brazilian pavilion, curator Luiz Camillo Osorio and deputy curator Cauê Alves agreed to present pieces by artists Antonio Manuel, Berna Reale and André Komatsu.

According to the curators, “faced with the dictatorship in the late 1960s, some artists were forced into a kind of activism in which conceptual strategies were aligned with material precariousness and corporal fragility. Such actions and pieces, without losing their lyrical intensity, fractured the established forms of perceiving reality.”
Antonio Manuel was part of this generation and, since then, he has maintained his career with a body of work in which constructive rigor refuses any kind of illustrative discursiveness without denying its political tone – on the contrary, affirming it. Dialoguing with his work are two artists whose careers began in the 21st century: Pará native Berna Reale and São Paulo-born André Komatsu. “With both artists we see the same courage in the use of body and the raw materiality that surrounds us, shedding light on what is on the margins of the visible, but which reveals the conflicts of a country and a world that is fragmented and brutal,” Osorio underlines.
The title of the exhibition, “So much that it doesn’t fit here” was inspired by the signs seen in demonstrations which took place in Brazil’s capital cities in June of 2013. Direct contact with the streets is also something shared by the three artists.

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Giardini, Giardini della Biennale
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