China, 09 May 2015 — 22 Nov 2015
National Participations


Arsenale, Giardino delle Vergini, Arsenale, Giardino delle Vergini, Castello

The title of the Chinese Pavilion for the 56th International Art Biennale is Other Future.

The main concepts of the Chinese exhibition are “civil” and “future. “Civil” is not just a geographical notion, it is a term embodying a spirit of greater openness and tolerance. “Civil” goes beyond a conservative stance, implying pluralistic possibilities, vitality, spontaneity far from commercial interests.

The order of the world should not be determined by a few. As time goes by, the behavior of the masses creates order, direction and the future in a seemingly unconscious movement. The developments of digital technology and media technology are increasingly facilitating this process. The impact every individual can make on the future of the world is becoming more and more apparent.If some roads are to appear on a virgin land, they are less likely the result of the designing of city planners and construction of workers; on the contrary, they are more likely formed in the long process of spontaneous treading by the masses in a seemingly disorderly way. The masses are not just passers-by who head on in a blind way. They are wise, active and spontaneous.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Arsenale, Giardino delle Vergini, Arsenale, Giardino delle Vergini, Castello
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