Croatia 2024, 20 Apr 2024 — 24 Nov 2024
National Participations

Croatia 2024

Vlatka Horvat investigates the relationship between the body and its physical surrounds through a multivalent practice.

Title: By the Means at Hand

Commissioner: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia

Curator: Antonia Majača

Artist: Vlatka Horvat

Curated by art historian Antonia Majača, Vlatka Horvat‘s project for the pavilion, titled “By the Means at Hand“, engages with the Biennale’s theme of “Foreigners Everywhere.” Exploring improvised transport systems used globally, the project examines the concept of home within the context of diaspora and the peripatetic lifestyle influenced by contemporary conditions.

The pavilion serves as a platform for featuring works by artists living as foreigners worldwide, emphasizing informal networks for their contributions. The artist, will be in residency at the pavilion throughout the Biennale.

Horvat‘s interdisciplinary practice delves into the interplay between the body and its surroundings, employing various mediums such as sculpture, installation, drawing, collage, photography, performance, video, writing, and publishing.

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