Ireland 2017, 13 May 2017 — 26 Nov 2017
National Participations

Ireland 2017

Tremble Tremble

Arsenale - Castello

Jesse Jones presents “Tremble Tremble” a political project focussing on feminist archetypes.
The exhibition takes its title from the Italian Wages for Housework movement, which reads: “Tremate tremate, le streghe son tornate! (tremble, tremble, the witches have returned!).”

Jones’s works, features not only an installation, but also film, photography, and performance, and takes inspiration from the spreading social movement in Ireland which promulgates a huge change in the difficult relationship between church and State.

“Tremble, Tremble” displays an intriguing artwork entitled “In Utera Gigantae” that proclaims the return of the witches seen as subjects able to invert reality and to proclaim a new law.

Contacts & Details

Arsenale - Castello
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