Macedonia 2017, 13 May 2017 — 26 Nov 2017
National Participations

Macedonia 2017

Red Carnival

Arsenale - Castello

“If you are an artist who is interested in social issues, today you really have a “privilege” to live in a world full of inspiration: from various stained revolutions to wars around the world which like bloody paradox are conducted in the name of democracy and human rights. In such disruptive world, the engaged artist easily finds space for action. His new engaged appearance is part of the deconstruction of the liberal (aesthetic) matrix that binds with REMIX, the vanguard speech seen in the colored revolutions worldwide. This retro speech will quickly become a speech on global communication between the new revolutionaries worldwide. Some theorists already believe that it has established itself as a new re-contextualized artistic communication. This new (visual) communication observed in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the United States was an occasion for me to look for the relationship of these new revolutions with the phenomenon of the media spectacular discourse visibly present in it, in the project titled “RED CARNIVAL”. Due to prevailing subject and my artistic intention to free interpretation of figures, time and space, I decided to offer the viewer a metaphorical carnival housed in FICTION FILM with James Bond in starring role. In him the viewer will create the show himself with his own imagination and own (political) conviction. This “film narrative” which is very close to the environment in which I live (Turkish series, political bombs, colorful revolutions) will provide a “self weapon” to deconstruct and demystify my local (political) environment, eventually everything to end up with global catharsis in which we will learn the global MYTHOLOGICAL perpetrator, the notorious “SPECTRA”. For visualization of the project “RED CARNIVAL”, the audience will have the “help” of the script about the film, which is located in the exhibition catalog, then a short (15 minute) REMIX FILM or filmed NEO DADA sequence of the same scenario and one materialized segment “extracted” from the same film sequence – the film gadget BMW Z3 ROADSTER. This re-contextualized car is the famous gadget of James Bond, all roughly plastered down with posters of the Russian avant-gardes “caught” immediately after the “CONCEPTUAL ACTION” of the Mensheviks on him.”
Tome Adzievski

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sun, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Arsenale - Castello
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