Pakistan 2021, 22 May 2021 — 21 Nov 2021
National Participations

Pakistan 2021

Mapping Festivity

Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova 3659, Venice, Italy

Title: Mapping Festivity
Commissioner: Kalim A.Siddiqui, Pakistan Council of Architects and town Planners
Curator: Sara M.Anwar
Exhibitors: Sara M. Anwar, Madeeha Yasin, Merchant, Farhan Anwar, Shama Dossa, Hira Zuberi

The Mapping Festivity project focuses on highlighting the history, complexity, diversity and evolution of the wedding halls in Karachi, and explores their evolution over time, to understand how the different religious and ethnic communities living in the city celebrate festivities like weddings. The exhibitors present the different wedding practices and rituals as microcosms of Pakistan, and understand the social, cultural, and urban forces that have influenced and transformed the weddings over time.

Contacts & Details

Palazzo Mora

Tue – Sun 10am – 6pm


Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova 3659, Venice, Italy
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