Ukraine 2019, 11 May 2019 — 24 Nov 2019
National Participations

Ukraine 2019

The Shadow of Dream

Giardini, Giardini, Castello

Title: “The Shadow of Dream* cast upon Giardini della Biennale”
Curator: Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina, and Anton Varga)
Artists: All Ukraine artists
Organised by: The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Labirynt Gallery (Lublin, Poland)

Commissioner: Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Svitlana Fomenko, First Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine

The Ukrainian national pavilion is dedicated to those who «had or has a dream,» explicit or obscure, verbalized or even unconscious. Those, who due to personal reasons, political, historical and pragmatic circumstances were taken out of the global context of contemporary art. On May 9 at noon the world’s largest cargo aircraft, An-225 Mriya,* (lit. ‘dream’ or ‘inspiration’) will fly over Venice, and for a couple of seconds will cast a shadow over Giardini della Biennale. The aircraft’s cargohold will contain an HDD with data of all** living Ukrainian artists. The curators didn’t hold any previous special selection. Anyone willing could decide to take part in the project and fill in the application for participation. Retelling the flight by word of mouth the long-term performance with specially created for this purpose scenography will have been happening in the pavilion for the next 6 months.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Giardini, Giardini, Castello
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