A digital Christmas by Fabrizio Plessi in Venice

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
November 23, 2020

Fabrizio Plessi‘s creative intervention is a tribute to light and a message of rebirth which will be stages in Piazza San Marco until January 2021.

The installation, promoted by the Municipality of Venice and Vela Spa with the partnership of Assicurazioni Generali as part of the “Festive Cities – Christmas 2020” exhibition, will find place between the two columns of the Piazzetta starting from next 4th December until 6th January 2021. A luminous ‘spotlight’, made up of over 80 modules of 1m by 50cm, taking the shape of a tree of life that symbolically unites earth, water and sky and interprets the deepest meaning
of Christmas.

“The idea for this installation came from my great love for Venice: I imagined a gigantic golden mosaic – which recalls St. Mark Basilica – in which every piece has its own life. For the first time in my work ” the artist Fabrizio Plessi states ” the flow light of each element goes in different directions, creating an intertwining of contaminations as a metaphor of the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and to enhance the historical memory of this city, a place of encounter and exchange between different cultures. The digital approach in this context becomes a spiritual emotion that is expressed in the only possible language today, allowing us to reach others even in physical distance. An evocative sculpture that demonstrates how the light of art can show the way to overcome these dark times together ”.

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