a.topos venice launches an online raffle to help rebuild Beirut art scene

Words by Alessandra Bellomo
October 2, 2020

a.topos venice is hosting an online charity raffle in favour of Beirut’s cultural scene. On last August 4th, a massive double explosion devastated the city, causing several damages; in this context, Beirut’s art spaces, artists studios and ateliers, symbols of the Lebanese dynamic cultural scene were also victims of the terrible event.

The Venetian art space took the initiative with an online lottery to collaborate with the reconstruction of the damaged art spaces. The available prizes are nine artworks by different Lebanese artists: Lebanese artists: Ghenwa Abou Fayad, Jasmine Abu Hamdan, Yasmina Hilal, Mansour el Harb, Aya Kazoun, Yolande Labaki, Roger Maaraoui, Alfred Tarazi and Layal Nakle. All the proceeds will be donated to Haven for Artists and the Lebanon Solidarity Fund.

By participating in the raffle, people will not only help with restoring the incredibly vibrant artistic and cultural life of Beirut but also with the promotion of local creative talents.

To participate in the raffle, please visit

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