Al Rawi Cafe Bookstore by Pallavi Dean Interiors set to Be a hub for the Emirate’s Creative Community

Words by Alessandra Bellomo
July 25, 2018

Pallavi Dean Interiors launches its last project in Sharjah, UAE, to be the new creative hub and gathering spot for Sharjah’s creative community of artists writers and designers.

The Al Rawi (“the one who tells stories” in English) project arises from the private management company Tetra’s ambitious brief: to create a setting dedicated to books, but that is far more than just a bookstore. The designers proposed a multi-use space that would reflect Sharjah’s literary heritage (the Sharjah International Book Fair began in 1982) and address the need of Sharjah big community of creatives and book lovers.

The space is designed to respond to all kinds of booklover‘s needs and to recall, since the very small interior design details, the book theme, enriched by constant but subtle literary references. The eclectic furniture selection plays with the positive an negative alternation of books on the shelves while space dividers and handrails recall book stitchings.

The space embodies also a restaurant, where to host culinary evenings and have live cooking demonstrations and a bar. Pallavi Dean Interiors created a dedicated zone for children. Here they can not only read books but also get creative, with a range of painting, drawing and making activities.




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