Alterazioni Video: Notes for an Unfinished Park

Word by Jessica
November 2, 2021

The Museo Nivola presents the exhibition “Notes for an Unfinished Park”, the latest project by Alterazioni Video. The collective began working on the work “Incompiuto” in 2006; the first phase of the project focused on mapping and geolocating 696 unfinished buildings scattered throughout Italy, architectural structures that were started but never completed and financed with public funds.

The second phase focused on unfinished buildings’ development to transform them into multifunctional places for outdoor cultural and sports activities, such as parks, gardens, auditoriums, and theatres.

The exhibition hosted at the Nivola Museum is dedicated to the Palasport building in Nuoro: an evocative ruin lost in the countryside, built in the 1990s and abandoned in 2017. Nowadays remains of this building are just a large entrance and concrete pillars.

Alterazioni Video is producing a film to remember this abandoned building. The collective celebrates the unfinished building in a movie (the core of the exhibition at the museum) that develops on two parallel narrative planes: that of the encounter between the characters within the – at times surreal and magical – cinematographic fiction, where times seems to stand still, and that of the filming of these encounters on the theater set, which tells of reality and a present in a state of becoming.

Various characters move around the unfinished stage: a visionary campground guardian who has discovered how to travel through space-time, a young TikToker lost in the abandoned building, two American musicians on holiday, and a dowsing surveyor, along with various extras (local youths, a shepherd, the police). The movie’s language mixes the classics, tragicomedy, and YouTube realism.

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