Antony Gormley: Event Horizon

Words by Elena Scarpa
November 9, 2015

Event Horizon will be the most extensive public art installation ever seen in Hong Kong with support from visionary landlords and welcomed by the HKSAR Government.
The work was originally conceived in 2007 when for the first time over half of the planet’s human population were recorded as living in cities.
Thirty one sculptures looking out into space will be installed at both street level and building tops across Hong Kong’s Central and Western districts, questioning how the built world relates to an inherited earth.

“Event Horizon engages the desire to look up and look again at familiar places in a new way. Within the condensed environment of Hong Kong, the tension between the palpable, perceivable and imaginable is heightened. My intention is to get the sculptures as visible as possible against the sky, allowing each to be seen as a body against light and space, entering in and out of visibility to those walking the streets. The installation should have no defining boundary. This is an acupuncture of the city that connects it to space at large. In the process of seeking and finding (or seeking and perhaps not finding) perhaps we can re-assess our own position in the world.” states Antony Gormley



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