Art Basel announces Buenos Aires as its first Art Basel City

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
September 9, 2016

Art Basel and the city of Buenos Aires will join forces to develop and host a series of vibrant cultural events. The first event will take place in Buenos Aires in late 2017 and offer new opportunities to discover and engage with the city’s thriving cultural offerings and contemporary art scene.

The aim is to amplify the city’s cultural impact and to bring events with international resonance to life by combining Art Basel’s expertise and global network with Buenos Aires’ commitment to further establish itself as a leading cultural destination.

Patrick Foret, Art Basel’s Director of Business Initiatives, comments: ‘We are delighted to be entering a partnership with Buenos Aires, and we cannot wait to work with the local institutions in the city. Since announcing the launch of Art Basel Cities in March 2016, we have engaged in many conversations with great cities around the world. We are hugely excited to present Buenos Aires as our first city partner and the only one in South America. Through this partnership we want to celebrate what Buenos Aires has to offer and its even greater potential as an international cultural destination.’

The Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta adds: ‘Art has been one of the historical pillars of the city of Buenos Aires, and that is why we proudly celebrate that one of the most important names in the art world, on an international level, has chosen to work with Buenos Aires as the first city to become part of its new Art Basel Cities initiative.’

Over the coming months, Art Basel will work closely with the government of Buenos Aires, its tourism board and select local arts institutions to create meaningful programming that will complement and amplify the city’s artistic offerings – and reflect its vision for the future.

The Art Basel Cities initiative was launched in March 2016 to engage with selected partner cities to develop vibrant and intellectually rigorous bespoke programs and offer the artworld new opportunities to engage with cultural offerings across the world.

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