Artist g. olmo stuppia’s exhibition project brings contemporary art to the Suite Conservatorio of Palazzo Foscolo in Venice

Words by Alessandra Bellomo
February 15, 2021

“Nuovi Bruchi” is the new exhibition project by artist g. olmo stuppia, revolving around the concept of inhabiting a place despite everything else and as a symptom of happiness. The project stages the act of cohabiting a place and of hospitality at the same time. For the occasion, the artist has settled in the Suite Conservatorio of Palazzo Foscolo in Venice, thanks to Hotel Palazzetto Pisani, obtaining it in exchange for a collection of his artworks. In this way, the location opens for the first time to contemporary art. 

The exhibition’s title suggests the resilience of caterpillars (“bruchi” in Italian), digging into the leaves where they live. 

Here, g. olmo stuppia combines pieces from previous exhibitions of his, drawings and object trouvé, all revolving around a central video work, projected in the night room on an 18th-century closet. The video documents the story of a feminine statue discovered in one place and then dumped into another, a symbol of a form of life finding a new home. 

On view also pieces by other artists, consistently with the message of the exhibition: some sculptures by Giuseppe Diliberto; the video work “Frantoio Esistenziale” (Sicily, 020) by Alessandro Fanciulli; and the sculpture made of Murano glass “Divieto di Caccia” by Lorenzo Passi. 

Milan-born g. olmo stuppia is a visual artist, author, and “cultural agitator”, mainly working with sculpture and video. In his artistic research, he draws inspiration from the classical heritage revised through current references and time-based practices. Ranging between writing, performance, installation, g. olmo stuppia recreates atmospheres through combining objects, photographs, videos and sounds, and addressing topical motives such as erotism, alchemy, desire, control devices. 


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