Cetate Arts Danube Residency: 9th Edition

Words by Elena Scarpa
August 23, 2016

Since 2008, every summer in the proximity of the Danube a space of artistic confluence and creation becomes alive. At Cetate artists from different generations and different artistic fields gather here to create freely, inspired by the magnetic beauty of the region in a growing art movement that covers painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, land art and video art. The spirit of the workshops is based on free creation, non-dogmatic just individualistic art movement that in this area bears no creation rules or schedule. Of course, the themes always seem to be related to the Druga estate venues and the Danubian landscapes. The old family premises are becoming a place of discourse and debate, creating the framework to let evolve and promote Romanian talents in fine arts.

The vision of the Joana Grevers Foundation upon this generous place, on so many levels, has the desire, not only to present Romanian contemporary art in a professional way, but also to create the proper environment for art-making and art promoting. This place is thought to be part of the Danubian tourism and to be included on the venues map for travelers on the Danube, thus transforming a former agricultural place into a space of culture and touristic attraction.

This year’s Residency is dedicated to sculpture and fresco and involves the following artists: Stefan Radu Cretu, Vikenti Komitski, Stefan Papco, Napoleon Tiron and Petrica Stefan.

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