Esther Stocker Takes Over the Rooms of the Italian Embassy in Vienna

Words by Elena Scarpa
April 11, 2016

The outstanding venue of the Italian Embassy in Vienna is hosting an exhibition of site specific works by the Vienna based Italian artist Esther Stocker. The show is curated by Marcello Farabegoli.

Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines and a palette reduced to black, white, and grey form the basis of Esther Stocker’s grid structures. No matter whether she creates (wall) paintings, objects, room-spanning installations, photographs, or videos, the artist is always interested in breaking up the laws of Euclidian space and the patterns of perception involved. The artist playfully inflects the basic components of her art in numerous variants, constantly opening up new, sensuously perceptible geometries. Set in contrast to the historical architecture of the Metternich Palace, Stocker ’s translation of complex scientific content into an artistic aestheticism has a particularly powerful impact.

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