Fondazione Furla has chosen Peep-Hole as New Artistic Direction

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
June 23, 2016

Fondazione Furla has chosen Peep-Hole’s Artistic Direction to relaunch its program aimed at supporting contemporary art. Activities are scheduled to begin in 2017.

Fondazione Furla has chosen Peep-Hole Art Center, Milan, for its Artistic Direction as it relaunches its program. This decision confirms Fondazione Furla’s commitment to support contemporary art, as it ambitiously sets off in a completely new direction.

“The decision to work with an Independent Art Center – so the President, Giovanna Furlanetto, stated – lies in the Foundation’s desire to join forces with a smoothly and efficiently run organisation, a Think Tank capable of re-assessing the Foundation’s mission, operations and planning, without betraying its underlying spirit and, at the same time, strengthening its identity. Over the years Peep-Hole has been a leading player on the national and international scene with a solid background in contemporary art and a wide network of international relations with artists, museums and institutions. For this reason we have decided to set off together on this new phase in the Foundation’s operations confident we will be able to branch out into new realms that will be stimulating for both parties.”

This working partnership, unique of its kind in Italy, is based on a joint desire to promote new synergies and institutional strategies on many levels and to share expertise and resources for the purpose of enriching and enhancing the contemporary art scene throughout the country.

“The invitation we received from Fondazione Furla to redefine its program – so Bruna Roccasalva, the Artistic Director of Peep-Hole, emphasises – is an opportunity for us to put into practice the experience we have gained as an Independent Art Center over recent years and, at the same time, it is an opportunity to rethink this experience along the lines of growth and change, experimenting with a new institutional operating model. The aptitude for cooperation and sharing has always been a distinctive trait of both Peep-Hole’s and Fondazione Furla’s program. This is the basis on which we set about designing the future schedule for the Foundation, which will be made public in September 2016.”

Peep-Hole is an independent Contemporary Art Center founded in Milan in 2009 – by Anna Daneri, Vincenzo de Bellis, Bruna Roccasalva and Stefania Scarpini. During this seven years it has been in operation, Peep-Hole has organized more than 30 exhibitions involving some of the most interesting international contemporary artists, published 28 editions of a quarterly journal of artists writings entitled Peep-Hole Sheet and developed projects in partnership with numerous institutions, such as Kunsthalle Zürich, Museion, Bolzano, the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, CAC Centre d’Art Contemporain, Brétigny, Portikus, Frankfurt, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Museo del Novecento, Milan, FRAC Champagne Ardenne, Reims and CAG, Vancouver.

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