Fondazione Furla Presents New Projects in Partnership with Museo del Novecento, Milan

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
November 2, 2016

Fondazione Furla’s ambitious redefinition of its activities is beginning to take concrete shape, following its decision in June to rely on the Milanese contemporary art center Peep-Hole for artistic guidance in this undertaking.

The new strategy through which Fondazione Furla will continue its commitment to contemporary culture is based on a partnership with the Museo del Novecento, Milan’s leading museum of modern and contemporary art, where it will co-organize a series of projects for the 2017/2018 season featuring some of the foremost Italian and international artists of our era.
Fondazione Furla’s new path under the artistic direction of Peep-Hole is thus an innovative concept for Italy: a collaboration between a public museum, a private foundation, and an independent art center, brought together by the desire to foster institutional alliances on more than one level, and pool their expertise and resources to enrich and foreground the country’s contemporary art scene.

“The decision to forge ties with an Italian public institution is in keeping with the goal that Fondazione Furla has always pursued: to play an active part in policies aimed at developing and promoting the cultural life of this country,” explains Bruna Roccasalva, Director and Curator of Peep-Hole. “The contribution it has made to the Italian art scene over the last fifteen years by fostering new talent has now evolved into a project that channels support towards the institutional sphere, by developing a kind of partnership that will bolster the museum’s role as a cultural incubator.”

The Museo del Novecento has taken on a leading role among Italian institutions, giving space and visibility to the cultural output of the period that witnessed the birth and growth of what we now call contemporary art. The urge towards the future which characterized that entire century, beginning with the earliest avant-garde movements, is perfectly reflected by the museum’s mission to produce new meaning for future generations.

The partnership between Fondazione Furla and the Museo del Novecento is therefore aimed at cultivating a fertile encounter between past, present, and future. The desire to weave a conversation between yesterday’s masters and the most active figures of today is a hallmark of the project; by bringing contemporary artists into a multi-tiered dialogue with twentieth-century masterpieces from the museum’s collection, it aims to spark a reflection that draws on the history of art to envision its future.
The first event in the series is planned for September 2017.

Alongside the main program, Fondazione Furla and the Museo del Novecento will present a calendar of parallel events: given their keen awareness that access to contemporary art is a pivotal issue in which institutions can play a decisive role, outreach will be an integral part of the project, with a public program and educational activities aimed at forging closer contact with a broad, varied museum audience. This schedule of talks, lectures, round tables, workshops and seminars will be spread out over a long period, to offer a rich array of activities throughout the season.

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