g. olmo stuppia: Sposare la Notte (Marrying the Night)

November 8, 2023

“What man needs is silence and warmth; what he is given is an icy pandemonium” (Simone Weil)

The trail of fireflies accompanies the lives of people who still long for and find calm and nourishment in Cinema and the Arts. The increasingly desertified islands of Italy, Sicily and Venice in particular, are the pivotal site of a life in revolt, of a restlessness that dwells in the artist’s gaze. An unfathomable eagerness and at the same time a very slow procedure and imprint generate the gaze of Sposare la Notte (Marrying the Night). While it is true that contemplating and stopping once constituted a bourgeois whim, today it means something quite different: first and foremost, re-learning to toil and pause on our own. Marrying the night is a counter-postcard of the Lagoon and Panormus (Palermo), it is a fire set on the asbestos roofs of thousands of factories by the ‘ndrangheta. It is the mass filing of bodies that generates nefarious collective heart attacks and makes even gestures of love commodities. Sposare la notte decodes different ways to truly explore stopping and walking in areas polluted by the force of progress deprived of ethics and a rapacious will of frenzy that makes the lives of tiqunn “existential tourists” oppiated and meaningless. Sposare la notte are four video portraits to return to the enjoyment of the dark and the poetic underbelly, in the shipwreck and in the flood, at the assault of the sky.

Sposare la Notte (Marrying the Night)
Cinematographic quadrilogy
World premiere screening
Projection and debate with the author

M. + 39 334 737 4093 / + 39 370 306 7674
limited number of seats

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