“Grayson’s Art Club”: a new TV show to teach art classes during lockdown

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
March 30, 2020

Grayson Perry will launch a new Channel 4 show, called “Grayson’s Art Club“, which will be part of suite of programmes that Channel 4 is currently developing to reflect the extraordinary times we’re experiencing under the Corvid-19 lockdown.

In a statement quoted by the Evening Standard, the artist said: “Accessibility is a part of what I want to do which is make art an ordinary part of life but a stimulating part of life. I’m not really talking to the art world, I’m more interested in the average Joe on the sofa”.

Throughout the show, Perry will be encouraging viewers to produce visual representations of their time in isolation. As to stimulate its fellows, the artist decided to showcase the best of these artworks in the artist’s exhibition which will document the country’s changing mood over the coming months.

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