Highlight from Manifesta 12 Press Conference: OMA Announced as Creative Mediator

Words by Mara Sartore
November 23, 2016

Today My Art Guides joined the press conference chaired by Leoluca Leonardo, mayor of the city of Palermo, Hedwig Fijen, Director of Manifesta and Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, partner at OMA, during which the creative mediator team has been announced.

The major commitment of OMA (the Office for Metropolitan Architecture) will be to analyze social, cultural and urban transformations that characterized the city of Palermo. OMA team will further explore the role of the city and its involvement with tourism, migration and climate change, engaging both local communities and international institutions.

Andrea Cusumano, Councilor for Culture of Sicily stated “Sicily today has a key role in the context of the Mediterranean culture and migration”.

Hedwig Fijen stated “What attracted us to Palermo is its multicultural culture […] How to enter the urban context is our taks as Palermo is our subject, that’s why we appointed OMA as creative mediator, as the team is specialized in the study of global urban changes”. Talking about the approach to accomplish the committment “Interdisciplinary multicultural approach will help to develop new rules for local communities. Manifesta will be the platform where developing new ideas and new scenary to Palermo”.

Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli said “Palermo is an ideal lab where collecting stories and meanings. This edition will have a multidisciplinary flair […] In the current political climate, Palermo’s history and character make it the ideal laboratory to re-imagine ideal values”.

Leoluca Orlando stated “Manifesta will take place across the entire city of Palermo, from the city center to the suburbs. Our city project is based on the right to mobility of persons, as Palermo confirms its migrant vocation. During times of intolerance and racism Palermo presents itself as a city of tolerance and interculture”.

Read more about Manifesta with our interview with Hedwig Fijen on the occasion of this year edition of Manifesta, held in Zurich.

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