Italian Gallery Hosts a Tribute to Hema Upadhyay

Words by Elena Scarpa
March 9, 2016

Studio la Città in Verona, Italy is currently showcasing a selection of photos and works as a tribute to the Indian artist who was killed in Mumbai at the end of last year.

“Tribute to Hema Upadhyay – Where the bees suck, there suck I” in which a selection of photos by Michele Alberto Sereni – titled Hema, the Indian Princess – showcase the work of the artist.

In fact, dominating the gallery’s main room will be one of her most representative works: Where the bees suck, there suck I, the great bucket above a myriad of tiny, multi-coloured shacks, exhibited in Rome at MACRO in 2008; Studio la Città and the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, in 2010; and the Tennis Museum, Helsinki, in 2011.

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