Lawrence Weiner’s work takes to the sky with Tracce /Traces

August 13, 2020
The first solo show by an artist ever presented in the sky will take place along the Roman coastline from Ladispoli to Anzio from the 16th -25th August 2020.
MACRO museum in Rome presents TRACCE / TRACES, the exhibition by Lawrence Weiner curated by Luca Lo Pinto, takes its name from a book produced in 1970 for Galleria Sperone, edited by Germano Celant, with a focus on translation. The project is also a tribute to the late Italian curator.

Exactly fifty years after the publication launch, the artist has selected ten of the fifty works included in the book. They all consist of a single word, corresponding to the past participle of a verb that suggests an action that could have happened in the past, or could be expected for the future. The verbs, isolated and removed from any syntactic context, lend themselves to open interpretation.

Every morning from 16 to 25 August a different work will be presented each day.

‘All I do is make things and present them. Art presents a reality. Art doesn’t present a metaphor. The conversation with society is not: what is the function of art?  The conversation with society is: what do people do with this stuff that other people make? What do people do with the idea that there are human beings making things and placing them in the world and that those things are just means for other people to understand their relationship to the world?’
Lawrence Weiner

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