Liu Haisu Art Museum Reopened in Shanghai

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
April 27, 2016

Shanghai’s Liu Haisu Art Museum reopened in April after three years of construction in its 12,000 sq m new premises. The new building also has shops, lecture halls, art storage warehouses and a library. The museum’s exterior includes a 300-metre-long graffiti wall, with works copied with permission from established artists by art students from Shanghai University.

Liu Haisu Art Museum is a new national art museum in Shanghai. Locating at the west part of Hongqiao Development Zone, it enjoys beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The museum is named after Mr. Liu Haisu, one of the founders of China New Art Movement, and in scribed by the nation’s President, Jiang Zemin. The museum had its grand opening on May 16, 1995. It combines the functions of art museum, small-scale museum, and individual memorial hall as a whole. The museum aims to improve the art undertakings in our country by popularizing the art education, organizing academic research, and promoting national and international cultural exchange. Providing high-standard exhibitions and high-quality service for the art experts and lovers worldwide are always the ultimate goals for Liu Haisu Art Museum.

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