March Meeting 2023: The Postcolonial Constellation: Art, Culture, Politics after 1960

Coinciding with the Biennial, the Sharjah Art Foundation presents its annual convening of artists, curators, scholars and arts practitioners from around the world to discuss vital issues in contemporary art.

March Meeting 2023 will explore the global political, social and economic systemic and structural shifts that characterised the world since the 1960s by revisiting the histories of this period while examining concepts such as first nation and indigenous practices, creolization, hybridity and supranational formations, such as the Black Atlantic, diasporas, exile and statelessness, along with artistic, ideological and philosophical perspectives on decolonisation. March Meeting 2023 builds on the two previous March Meetings that served as a prelude to the Biennial and were similarly conceived in relationship to Enwezor’s conception of the “postcolonial constellation”: Unravelling the Present (March Meeting 2021) and The Afterlives of the Postcolonial (March Meeting 2022). The March Meeting Papers, a series of eleven commissioned essays by art historians and scholars chosen through the March Meeting 2021 open call, are also available online .

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