Marian Goodman Gallery will Open a Second Paris Space

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
September 26, 2016

This winter, New York’s Marian Goodman Gallery will open a second Paris space, which will host exhibitions and a bookstore, at 66 rue du Temple in the city’s Marais district.

The gallery expands its presence in the French capital with a new outpost on the same street and with an inaugural exhbition by Annette Messager.

Adopting new perspectives and unconstrained by existing styles, Annette Messager has, since the 1970s, created a huge body of work that highlights the inner complexities and conflicts that affect the human condition and in particular the question of what constitutes a woman’s identity. Choosing the stance of an outsider, challenging authority, she delivers messages of powerful social and feminist import through her art. Messager’s work, created from household items, magazines and objects from daily life, frequently demonstrates a surreal, playful or humorous character that is often connected to memory or poetry. In 1982, she broke new ground with an ambitious, large scaled work entitledChimaeras that fused photomontage with fantasy. Following its success she has worked with stereotypically feminine materials and motifs – using items of clothing, stuffed toys, embroidery and yarn, and combining them with photographs of fragmented body parts and animal taxidermy to create powerfully affecting pieces. She has exhibited widely, including at the Mori Art Museum in Japan in 2008 with a large-scale solo exhibition. In 2005 she won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale.

Marian Goodman Gallery
66 rue du Temple, Marais, Paris.

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