Matthew Barney: River of Fundament, Italian National premiere in Bologna

Words by Elena Scarpa
January 11, 2016

BolognaFiere and the Teatro Comunale di Bologna Opera House on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Arte Fiera announce the national premier of the remarkable work by Matthew Barney, River of Fundament.

An international art event that brings together cinema, music, performance and theatrein a great opera.

River of Fundament is characterized by musical performances directed according to the logic of the narrative: the story unfolds sculpturally, cinematically, and musically. Sounds inherent to the landscape or action become part of the musical texture of the film, such that the setting itself becomes a musical instrument. The site-responsive nature of the music is also developed through the use of local musicians, both professional and amateur, whose performances further establish a sense of place in each scene.

Following its preview at the Manchester International Festival the film River of Fundament has enjoyed success in London, Munich and Los Angeles. Now set to premiere in Italy in the city of the Two Towers, this special event will celebrate the 40thedition of the International Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art.

River of Fundament will be projected on the 29th January at 5.30pm at the Teatro Comunale Opera House.


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