Maze: Journey Through The Algorithmic Self

A monumental site-specific installation by chilean artist Sebastian Errazruriz across the Faena Beach.

In contrast to conventional labyrinths, this sand covered MAZE is not designed to get lost or disorient but to find ourselves, to spark conversation and build community. A public art installation where sand covered walls blend into the Miami Beach landscape against the backdrop of turquoise waters. Within this immersive maze where one never gets lost and all paths lead toward one destination, a symbolic gathering point. One inevitably arrives at the centre of the maze where Errazuriz guides us to a space designed for congregation, a small plaza where we can gather to contemplate and engage in meaningful conversations.

“An oasis to temporarily escape, disconnect and reconnect with what is important. A place to have conversations on society’s upcoming technological and environmental challenges.”

Along with the unveiling of this temporary public art installation, Errazuriz releases an accompanying publication, downloadable via QR within the structure. “AI MAZE” will offer insight into our future interactions with artificial intelligence, a guide for envisioning society and the possibilities ahead. Errazuriz believes AI to be the most significant development in human history, a pivotal moment in our time, more so than the printing press or the internet.

Through this work the artist encourages us to contemplate AI’s profound impact on the creative industries. MAZE Journey Through the Algorithmic Self stands not only as a remarkable work of art but as a catalyst for introspection, dialogue, and exploration in the digital age.

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