Mental Escapology: 40 works by Damien Hirst are being exhibited across five locations in St. Moritz

February 18, 2021

Organised with the assistance of the city of St. Moritz and curated by Jason Beard and produced by Oscar Humphries and Marco Voena, the exhibition Mental Escapology is presented in multiple venues including both indoor and outdoor sites, it engages with both the region’s landscape and the city’s civic spaces, creating a dialogue between nature, the manmade, the contemporary and the historic.

The exhibition includes three large-scale outdoor sculptures. Hirst’s 12-foot-high sculpture The Monk (2014) is exhibited in the centre of the frozen Lake St. Moritz and Two Figures with a Drum (2013) has been installed on the south-western edge of the lake. Temple (2008), a 21-foot painted bronze sculpture depicting an anatomical model, is exhibited at Waldhaus Am See. Proteus (2012), also from Hirst’s Treasures series, depicting the shapeshifting sea god from Greek mythology, is located outside the Protestant Church.

The exhibition also features works from some of Hirst’s most well-known series, including Natural History, Spot Paintings, Butterfly Colour Paintings and Mental Escapology, after which the exhibition is named.

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