Museo Madre’s Summer – Fall program

Words by Riccardo Barluzzi
June 21, 2013

(June 21 – Oct 14, 2013) All In One – Curated by Devrim Bayar e Andrea Viliani is the largest retrospective of Thomas Bayrle ever held in Europe. Bayrle (Berlin, 1937) is one of the pioneers and leading exponents of Pop Art in Europe, and one of the most influential contemporary artists.

(June 21 – Sep 30, 2013) The Boetti Lesson. Searching for the one hotel, Kabul – Curated by Andrea Viliani is dedicated to the Mexican artist Mario Garcia Torres(Monclova, 1975) and brings together his complete output of the eight years of research conducted into One Hotel in Kabul (Afghanistan), the place of residence and artistic production between 1971 and 1977 of Alighiero Boetti.

(June 21 – Sep 30. 2013) Intermedium. Giulia Piscitelli – Curated by Andrea Viliani e Eugenio Viola. “Intermedium” (latin for “being in the middle”) indicates a creative process not yet complete, hence open to further possibilities. The exhibition highlights the different aspects of the artist’s production, with a particular focus on her exploration of the social, economic and cultural geography of the heart of Naples and is intended as an overview of the artist’s creative process, which is never performed in isolation but made up of moments set in a continuum of ideas and objects.

(June 21, 2013 – Jan 1, 2014) Fabio Donato.¬†Curated by Alessandro Rabottini e Eugenio Viola. PER_FORMING A COLLECTION #1 is the first chapter of a project in three stages devoted to the formation of Madre’s permanent collection. In this first chapter the focus is on artists of different generations whose works have the same¬†participatory character of action and reflection shared with the public.

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