Noasis: An Absolut Bar by Clemens Behr

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
September 14, 2016

“Noasis” is Behr’s vision of an artificial ‘non-oasis’, a space between chaos and order. The structure reflects the architecture of Kraftwerk, Berlin’s former heating plant centre, where industrial concrete and steel beams dominate. Another source of inspiration for Noasis comes from the urban landscapes of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where concrete structures emerge from tropical greenery.

Visitors to Noasis find themselves inside a timeless oasis situated amidst chaotically constructed concrete architecture, in which Behr employs light bars to generate light and shadow. As well as the shadow effects, Plexiglas and mirrors are used to create a feeling of constant movement, whilst ventilators and humidifiers produce a tropical atmosphere. Using light, shape, materials and colours, Behr splices dimensions, making the foreground and background appear to merge into one. The uniform, camouflage-like colouring of the materials also adds to the illusion of objects either vanishing into space or coming into focus. Behr has taken inspiration from the new Limited Edition by Absolut, featuring asymmetrically ground glass in polygon forms that refracts light in unique ways.

The Art Bar features a soundtrack generated by a microphone capturing background noise which is played in pre-programmed loops creating ever-changing compositions, and Behr has collaborated with an Absolut mixologist to create his Artist Cocktail titled ‘Absolut Noasis’,which reflects the themes of his Art Bar.

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