Performa 15: Jesper Just

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
November 12, 2015

Performa presents its second Performa Commission with artist Jesper Just, opening on November 13th at 4.30pm.

Just and fellow Danish artist FOS debut an installation and performance piece that addresses notions of spectatorship and its complex dual-natured role: in the shadow/ of a spectacle/ is the view of the crowd.
Staged within the top floors of the 225 Liberty Building adjacent to One World Trade Center, the performance acknowledges the cultural and societal significance of its surroundings and highlights society’s propensity to turn objects and events into radicalized representations even more powerful and symbolic than their original significance. Just and FOS confront the idea of spectacle, exploring how reality transforms into representation as embodied in the public realms of architecture and crowds.
Using architectural and performative elements, the performance creates a multilayered spectacle, allowing for an exploration of crowd dynamics and psychology, as well as the overlapping tension and opposition of presentation and representation.

Based on the structure of a symphony, the piece is divided into three movements—each one independent, yet relating to the others in a synthesized whole like an orchestra. In addition to audio-visual elements and a live vocal performance, a soundscape emerges during the spectacle with the debut of an innovative instrument—equal parts invention and musical object—that will perform a piece composed especially for its creation. From these three movements, the spectacle and its dynamics are deconstructed, gradually dismantled and rearranged, to create a new view within its pre-existing structure; a new spectacle within the negative space of the original.

Supported by Galerie Perrotin and James Cohan, New York.


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