PLATFORM-L Contemporary Art Center Opening in Seoul

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
May 9, 2016

Platform-L Contemporary Art Center opens its doors May 12, 2016 with two inaugural solo exhibitions: “Yang Fudong, The Coloured Sky: New Women II” and Bae Young-whan, Pagus Avium. Representing China and Korea respectively, these renowned artists activate the potential for insightful reflection on the world in which we currently live and our relationship to it.

PLATFORM-L (Director, Manu Park) is an art center established to provide diverse experience to audiences through creative efforts of contemporary artists and to contribute to a flourishing society with imagination and inspiration.

The center will present a variety of art forms such as performance, film screenings as well as contemporary art exhibitions. It will introduce various programs that extend the possibilities of various forms and languages of each genre of art. Moreover, it will expand its communication with diverse audiences by providing public programs reducing the cultural distance between the creators and the audiences of art and helping the audiences understand contemporary art on their own. Furthermore, it will establish itself as an experimental art center, focused on exhibitions and projects, which builds organic networks between artists, curators and other institutions in Korea and abroad and breathes together with the time. PLATFORM-L seeks to be a platform for discussion and regarding artistic practice and researches and to become a platform of exchange, cooperation, learning and exploration for those who produces artworks.

After the two years of construction that began in 2014, the center’s building is now complete, and we are wrapping up the final stages of preparation for its opening. As the opening exhibition, there will be two solo exhibitions of two artists: Bae Young-whan Pagus Avium and Yang Fudong The Coloured Sky: New Women II.

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