Seth– Range ta Chambre

Words by My Art Guides Editorial Team
June 28, 2016

Seth is the artist opening 999FOUNDATION Artist Resistance Residency, a cycle of artist residencies result of collaboration between 999Contemporary and Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale. The scenario in which artists are invited to express themselves is the splendid Teatro India in Rome’s Ostiense district. One of the most beautiful industrial archeology structures converted in 1999 to host this experimental theater which is preparing to welcome our contemporary urban art research project. Born while the Atelier India, a space where artists can create , hold workshops , meet the public to participate in art projects that will invest both the Teatro India and the city.

SETH, RANGE TA CHAMBRE by Stefano Antonelli
I asked Seth to trigger a project both ambitious and simple, an artist residency in collaboration with city of Rome theater – Teatro India located in one of the most beautiful industrial-archeology facilities in Rome: the former Mira Lanza factory, which used to be an old soap factory in the last century. This place offers huge opportunities for an artist, three large industrial sheds and a park with industrial archaeological vestiges. When we were preparing with Seth, we spoke about installation works, theatrical dimension of the representation, spaces other than what is generally dedicated to those artists whose exhibitions are often made of hung-painting sequences or minimally installed. I have always been convinced that the “exhibition”, as it is conceived, is not the dimension needed for urban artists’ expression, and this of course comes after having experienced it first-hand curating number of them. I have also been to many urban artists exhibitions and I never had the feeling of being at the center of the ideas and thoughts of the artist but rather at a social event, what counts, in the end, is who comes, whether or not you sell, if you don’t sell you take the hit, you always have the street to redeem yourself. Forcing an urban artist to compete on the global art market under these conditions would be suicidal , that’s why this residency program has no obligations. You can organize a show, make a book, plan an installation or nothing at all, you can do whatever you want. We just offer to the artist liberty, budget and huge spaces, and see what happens, this is the spirit. I asked only one thing, I asked the artist to work in the space, to use possibly all the structure of the IndiaTheater, even if it is not an obligation. How did it go? On his arrival Seth explored the area, he wandered aimlessly in the enormous structure of the theater, took notes, made sketches, photos and then called me to tell me his plan. If you really wanna know How did it go, just come July 7.

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