Taipei Biennial 2020: You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
November 23, 2020

Exhibiting a line up of works by 57 participants/groups from 27 countries and territories worldwide, the biennial is co-curated by French philosopher Bruno Latour and French independent curator Martin Guinard, together with Taiwanese independent curator Eva Lin specially for the public programs.

Entitled You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet, the biennial aims to question our current ongoing geopolitical tensions and worsening ecological crisis by examining our differences and influences on a planetary perspective. As Latour and Guinard commented: “There is increasing disagreement on how to keep the world inhabitable, not only because political opinions diverge, but more crucially because we don’t seem to agree on what the earth is made of. Some today may even think the world is flat! It is as if there were several versions of Earth, with properties and capacities that are so different that they are like distinctive planets, which results in deviation in the way one feels, behaves, and predicts their future.”

Ping Lin, Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, remarks: “Devastated by the pandemic, we realize how little we can control, and that we no longer have the privilege to overlook what’s going on in the world. We managed to open Taipei Biennial, but should take it as not only an event, but also an opportunity to force ourselves to reexamine human reality and existential situation.”

Participants include:
Michael Armitage, Kenya-United Kingdom / June Balthazard and Pierre Pauze, France / Hicham Berrada, France-Morocco / Nikola Bojić and Damir Gamulin, Croatia / Huai-Wen Chang and MAS (Micro Architecture Studio), Taiwan / Chang Yung-Ta, Taiwan / Chen Yin-Ju, Taiwan / Chin Cheng-Te, Lee Chia-Hung, Lin Chuan-Kai and Chen Yi-Chun, Taiwan / Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe), Spain / Germany / Cui Jie, China / FabLab Dynamic, Taiwan / Anne-Charlotte Finel, France / Jean-Michel Frodon and Rasha Salti with COLLECTIVE, France / Lebanon / HK / Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Lebanon / DJ Hatfield and Siki Sufin with Rahic Talif, USA / Taiwan / Femke Herregraven, Netherlands / James T. Hong, Taiwan-USA / Huang Hai-Hsin, Taiwan-USA / Pierre Huyghe, France / Hamedine Kane, Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, and Nathalie Muchamad with Olivia Anani and Lou Mo, Senegal-Mauritania / France / France (New Caledonia)-Indonesia / France-Benin / Canada / Jean Katambayi Mukendi, Democratic Republic of the Congo / Aruwai Kaumakan, Taiwan / Navine G. Khan-Dossos, United Kingdom-France / Franck Leibovici & Julien Seroussi, France / Liu Chuang, China / MILLIØNS (Zeina Koreitem & John May) with Kiel Moe and Peter Osborne, USA-Lebanon / Canada / Marianne Morild, Norway / Uriel Orlow, Switzerland / Fernando Palma Rodríguez, Mexico / Mika Rottenberg, Argentina-USA / Jonas Staal, Netherlands / Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Spain-Brazil / Su Yu-Hsin, Taiwan / Cemelesai Takivalet, Taiwan / Territorial Agency (John Palmesino & Ann-Sofi Rönnskog), Switzerland / United Kingdom / Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Lithuania / Antonio Vega Macotela, Mexico / Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro with Margaret Shiu and Ming-Jiun Tsai, France / Taiwan / Munem Wasif, Bangladesh / Yao Jui-Chung, Taiwan

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