The Gallery of Everything: First space in London Dedicated to Self-taught Artists

Words by Carla Ingrasciotta
September 22, 2016

The Gallery of Everything—the UK’s first commercial gallery dedicated to self-taught artists will open soon in London. Its aim, according to a statement, is to “communicate an alternative history of art”.

All proceeds raised from sales at the gallery, due to open in a former barber shop in Marylebone on 25 September, will go towards the non-profit activities of The Museum of Everything. The institution, dedicated to the exhibition and advancement of private and non-academic artists, was established in north London in 2009. The Gallery of Everything will show works from the Museum collection which are not for sale – it is a registered charity – but will offer works from private collections in a variety of price ranges, the profits from which will go towards supporting the Museum’s wider cultural and educational activities.

Opening soon
The Gallery of Everything
4 Chiltern Street
London W1
T: 020 7486 8908

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