The Strangeness of Beauty

January 28, 2021

Parasol Unit’s latest online project The Strangeness of Beauty examines the notion of aesthetics in contemporary art.

Each week Parasol Unit presents a new issue with contributions from invited artists, writers, curators and art professionals responding to questions surrounding the phenomena of beauty and strangeness within contemporary art practice.

This online project curated by Ziba Ardalan, Founder, Artistic and Executive Director of Parasol unit, will continue until 10 March 2021 with a new issue published on Parasol unit’s website each week.

Issue 1 features an essay About Beauty and works by artist Thomas Hirschhorn in response to the notion of beauty and aesthetics in contemporary art.

 Issue 2 features contributions by artists Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham who together began the design collective LABINAC with the dual aim of designing and making works as well as supporting the craft works of indigenous peoples in Latin America.

Issue 3 includes Lebanese artist Rayyane Tabet with a beautifully personal anecdote about his father and the strange objects he finds to cover an exposed manhole near their home in Beirut

Forthcoming issues will include Katy Moran, Richard Deacon, Oliver Beer, Cecilia Edefalk, Carlos Garaicoa, Carla Arocha and Stephane Schraenen, Si On and Jakub Julian Ziolkowski, and more.

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