Words by Donatella Taranto
October 1, 2015

The exhibition aims to explore the theme of change, in fact variations, seen both visually and formally through the constant pursuit of sensory mutations that put the artwork in the center of the relationship between perception and fruition. Through careful analysis of sensory aspects, the artists are trying to reconstruct and analyze phenomena and emotions. Sometimes a “light” is interpreted in a key word “divine”, other times in other forms or in certain works, proposing a careful scientific methodology. A light that fills the space, occupies it, removes and decomposes it, and in other cases analyzes it as if in a game of removing and overlapping.

In the exhibition, there are not only some artists that are now firmly established at the international level, like the work of Ai Wei Wei “Bubble” which reflects the formal perception or installation of porcelain of the artist Liu Jianhua, but also the work of emerging young artists among them, for example, the work of Jiang Pengyi.

The exhibition, curated by Guido Mologni, will be presented in the newest halls of the Unicredit Pavilion in Milan, the new growing symbol of Milan, and later in Rome at the space AREA81 of Foundation Exclusiva, a new realistic embodiment of roman culture, which next year will dedicate a special focus on China. Finally, the exhibition will return to Shanghai, to mark the increasingly close cooperation between the two countries.

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