Vienna Art Week 2016: Seeking Beauty

Words by Elena Scarpa
November 11, 2016

From 14 to 20 November 2016, Vienna Art Week will embark on a quest for notions of beauty, guided by the motto of “Seeking Beauty”. Exhibitions, performances, interventions and discussions explore the question of how beauty is perceived today in all its diversity and contradictions, opening new aesthetic, philosophical and sociopolitical perspectives in the process. With some 200 events from around 100 program partners, Vienna is all about art during that week.

From the beginning, the festival has been a crowd puller for professional art audiences and the general public alike, with last year’s edition drawing some 35,000 visitors from Austria and abroad. The performative interview marathon”Seeking Beauty” promises several hours of intense engagement with the topic of beauty in art. Top international experts from various disciplines including philosophy, literature, design and culture will conduct question-and-answer sessions.

Vienna’s major exhibition venues, art spaces, galleries and independent artist-run spaces have a varied program in store, with highlights including a panel discussion with directors of renowned Viennese art institutions on the importance of their houses for the city’s creative development.

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