Rana Begum

Born in Sylhet, 1977 and lives in London

Recalling Op-Art and Minimalism, Rana Begum is known for body of work comprised of white folded steel sheets, which originate from studies in paper. The vivid colours that the artist applies on the back of the white folded works radiate onto the white wall, giving the impression that the work is floating in space. This series represents a calm and contemplative approach, yet Begum’s bold use of colour conveys the electric intensity of the city.
Begum’s post-minimal form vocabulary is not only influenced by Donald Judd and Agnes Martin, but also by colourful Islamic art and architecture. Effortlessly taking the vibrant collage of the urban environment and concentrating it through a process of refinement and filtration, Begum creates works, which are crystalline, simple, pure, and hard-edged. Her work is minimal in its formal language, imposing order and system by abstracting moments of accidental and visual wonder. The multi-perspective quality of Begum’s art invites the viewer to walk around, choosing where to pause in front of the work, instead of being a passive observer.
Her work has been exhibited at venues such as Bangkok University Gallery, Art Museum of Western Virginia in Roanoke, Red Bull Music Academy in London, and Delfina Foundation in London.

Art Spaces
The Third Line
Galleries in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi
Kate MacGarry
Galleries in London
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