Joianne Bittle

Born in Indiana, 1975 and lives in NYC, USA

Joianne Bittle
Joianne Bittle

1998 Indiana University, Bloomington. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Printmaking and Art History.
1998-99 Fellowship Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy.
1997 Indiana University, Annual Creative Activity Award, Overseas Study Program in Florence, Italy.
Independent Science Study
2016-2018 AMNH Seminars on Science Graduate: Life Science Evolution and Geology – The Dynamic Earth.
Paleontology – The Link between Dinosaurs, Birds, Marine Reptiles.
2014 State University New York Continuing Education: Geology – Evolution of the Earth. Philosophy and the Sciences for Everyone.
Faculty / Work
2015-present School of Visual Arts, Humanities and Sciences Department.
2001-2012 American Museum of Natural History, Exhibition Artist, Science Program Coordinator for Members.

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