Boris Magrini

Lives in Basel

Boris Magrini © Karin Salathé
Boris Magrini © Karin Salathé

Boris Magrini is curator at HeK Basel. He studied art history and philosophy at the University of Geneva and completed his PhD at the University of Zurich. He edits the Italian pages of Kunstbulletin and he regularly publishes on contemporary and media art. Curated shows include Entangled Realities – Living with Artificial Intelligence (HeK, Basel, 2019), Future Love. Desire and Kinship in Hypernature (HeK, Basel, 2018), Grounded Visions: Artistic Research into Environmental Issues (ETH, Zurich, 2015–2016), Hydra Project (Zurich and Lugano, 2016), Anathema (Fri-Art, Fribourg, 2007-2008), and Mutamenti (Bellinzona, 2007). His book Confronting the Machine (Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter 2017) examines the traditional narratives relating artistic production to technology and the society, while offering an unconventional perspective on digital art. Some of his recent publications include: “Building New Paradigms – A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence and Art” in Entangled Realities (Basel: CMV 2019), “Alternative Visions: Human Futures” in Transdiscourse 2 – Turbulence and Reconstruction (Berlin: De Gruyter 2016), “Beyond Mere Tools” in Political Interventions, Edition Digital Culture 1, (Christoph Merian Verlag and Migros-Kulturprozent, 2014) and “Hackteria: An Example of Neomodern
Activism” (Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol. 20, Issue 1, 2014).

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