Vivian Caccuri

Born in São Paulo, 1986 and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vivian Caccuri’s work creates interrelations among music, real and virtual architecture, public space, the body and performativity in objects, installations and performances. Vivian has developed projects in many cities in Brazil and abroad, including Manaus (Brazilian Amazon), Helsinki, Riga, Warsaw, Oslo, Valparaiso, Venice and Accra. Throughout her career she has collaborated with several musicians such as Arto Lindsay (USA/BR), Gilberto Gil (BR), Panji Anoff (Ghana), Fausto Fawcett (BR), Wanlov (Ghana) and has recently released her first musical project (Homa). Her sound works and compositions have been broadcasted in radio stations such as Resonance FM (London), Kunstradio (Vienna) and Rádio Mirabilis (Rio de Janeiro).

TRIO Bienal: Transversalidades das Identidades Tropicais
Transversalidades das Identidades Tropicais [Transversals of Tropical Identities], part of the TRIO Bienal,...
12 Sep 2015 - 26 Nov 2015
Museu Histórico Nacional
Rio de Janeiro
A Song For Rio
The new independent, multidisciplinary space Carpintaria in Rio de Janeiro inaugurates with the opening...
20 Nov 2016 - 28 Jan 2017
Uma Canção para o Rio (parte 2)
Fortes D’Aloia &Gabriel presents “Uma Canção para o Rio [A Song fro Rio] (parte 2)”,...
18 Feb 2017 - 25 Mar 2017
Rio de Janeiro
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