Jeamin Cha

Born in Seoul, 1986 and lives in Seoul, South Korea

Jeamin Cha researches the delicate conflict in significance between the individual and the social, visualizing it in dramatic format. Her primary medium is video, she is making moving image works about the social and political dissension.
The environment and the conditions of life, equality and distribution – these are political concerns which Cha concentrate on in her practice. She watches society and agonies about how to express the ever-present contradictions and dissent within it. Through a process of interviewing and field study, most of her pieces begin with a news article or an anecdote from daily life.
She looks for ways to intervene social issues or situations as an individual. Here, intervention means a sensitive form of expression which provokes questions. Accordingly, Cha’s moving image works are composed of reconstructed and directed images, rather than using a didactic form of documentation or direct narrative. She wishes to be involved in society through questioning what political action is. She does this through the exploration of these themes: lightness and darkness, absence and presence, problems that continuously circulate in the world, and the fragmented.