Christian Escobar

Lives in Guatemala

Christian Escobar, “Chrispapita” in the art world, is a self-taught artist from Guatemala, is passionate about various contemporary artistic movements

He uses chiaroscuro as a tool to generate a correct dramatization in his themes, playing with the duality between light and darkness. Graduating from Francisco Marroquin University in 2009 as Doctor in Dental Surgery, he then went on to obtain his Master Degree in Prosthodontics from Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil in 2012; emphasizing on light and color in dentistry. He is a former professor of human anatomy at the Francisco Marroquin University dental school. Being intrigued and passionate about dentistry he founded the 1st journal in Guatemala.

Despite his scientific training and his studies in Dentistry, he decided to leave everything behind to dedicate himself 100% to his career as a visual artist.

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