David White

David White, portrait.
David White, portrait.

David White is one of the up-and-coming sculptors in Zimbabwe. He was born in 1987 and began sculpting in 2006 when he moved from Chiweshe to Harare. In the country of many other famous Zimbabwean sculptors, David did not grow up in the presence of relatives who were renowned sculptors. He went to school at Gunguwo Primary in his Northeastern rural home, a part of the country abundant with serpentine. In 1998, local artists introduced him to stone sculpture at the tender of ten years and he instantly decided to make it his life career. Despite his young age, he has already made an impact with his signature ladies heads. With his experience, he has managed to develop his style majoring in focusing on the sheer beauty of the hairstyle. The curls of hair express extraordinary femininity, which has become his signature style.

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